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Language breakdown for February "HN: Who is hiring?"

As usually every month Hacker News website posts a thread where any company can publish a comment about any openings for HN crowd. I though it might be interesting to know what programming languages are most mentioned in all of the listings.

Laravel 5.0 Application Structure

New version of the popular PHP framework Laravel brings multiple changes to its application structure that might be confusing at first to developers familiar with previous versions - 4.x. I've had time to work on it these past months, so I thought it would be good to write up a blog detailing new application structure.

Basics of WebRTC Peer Connections

Recently I’ve been working on a small video chat MitChat.com as a way to learn more about latest WebRTC technologies such as PeerConnection (PC) allowing users to send data to other users bypassing the server — basically, P2P in the browser. I’m writing this post to clear some things for myself (mainly to make sure I understand PC correctly) and for those, who want to understand general idea behind PeerConnection before delving deeper.